wasp paper project

I've been collecting wasps nexts, both empty and occupied and my aim is to collaborate with the wasps to make a sculpture, so far this has failed and I have more stings than results but will persevere again this season. Thier paper is so beautiful its worth it.

This is the first nest I came across after a badger attack, I rescued a portion and took it home were they lived happily for another month.

This is the rescued section, I kept them in a covered enclosure to keep animals out and give them free reign. The way they repair damage is fascinating, each wasp building up a covering layer that joins to the rest. They are very fussy with thier choice of wood, they wouldn't use the birch I gave them but went further afield for some cleft rowan and a pine picnic table.

Update-research into this area has been halted due to the threat of a domestic incident as my wasps have been blamed for stinging a child and allegedly swarming into the house in my absence. 

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